Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The youth is against Russian occupation of Belarus

I've uploaded a movie with the action of Belarusian youth against Russian occupation. The movie was taken in 1997 after signature of Russian-Belarusian Union agreement. Nine years passed but the situation is without changes. The union is fictitious but the possibility of the occupation isn't.

Nowadays it is impossible to organize such action. The polise become much more aggressive. All participants of the action would be prisoned.

I was too young in 1997 but some of my friends were present at this action. They are still strugle.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Gas...G8 summit

ITAR-TASS reports about possibility to sell 50% of the shares of ‘BelTransGaz’ (state owner of the gas pipe) in exchange for some assets of Gazprom. This deal can help to supply Belarus with cheap gas in spite of rise of official gas cost.

So, gas question can be switched from the political sphere to economic one without damage to Russian geo-policy and Belarusian economy. Russia will be seem pure before G8 summit this summer.

Lukashenko asked Yuschenko to be an mediator in dealing with EU

Last week Victor Yuschenko said he can be a mediator between Belarusian authority and the opposition (Gazeta Wyborcza, 12.05.2006).

As Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine reports, Lukashenko asked Yuschenko to be an mediator in dealing with EU not the opposition (via telegraf.by).

This announcements is especially interesting after Russian denial to support of Belarusian economy. Lukashenko seems to be exhausted by his flip and flop policy and populism.

I feel giddy from the latest news and announcements but hope it's all for the best.

Update: probably, information about Victor Yuschenko as mediator between Belarusian authority and the opposition is a false report. No one report it except telegraf.by.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Creative vs totalitarianism

Belarusian abnormal internal situation causes unusual forms of civil disobedience.

10 people were arrested on Friday during a flashmob because they ate ice-cream simultaneously on the main square of Minsk. This wasn't a politic action but the information about it was posted to a popular flashmob community which is tracked by special services. So, police and KGB made their work absurd.

Meanwhile, the youth invent the new forms of resistance. Here you can see a video clip with an interesting performance. A guy installed a tent with 'No one is going to stop us' inscription on place where the tent camp was situated.

The clip caused a sensation in the Internet community and a dismay in Belarusian KGB.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Possible victims of flash-mobs

I wrote about flash-mobs as a new form of a politic struggle. Recently the police began to detain the participants of flashmobs and make a list of their names. I think this is just an intimidation of flashmobbers but also have an anxiety. All this activists can be expelled from Universities during summer examinations with hope that they will be sheltered by Western countries. The less active people in belarus are, the better it is for the regime.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Police broke up an opposition rally in Belarus (video)

I intend to upload most exciting video clips about Belarusian events weekly.
I've uploaded a video from anniversary of Belarusian People's Rupublic sovereignty today. You can see how police broke up ruthless an opposition rally in Minsk with bombs and tear-gas.

Look the clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzvoDed41FI (6,42Mb)

Copyright '5 kanal', Ukraine

Friday, May 05, 2006

The Internet expose Belarusian television and Lukashenko

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a powerful tool for promotion of commercial websites and web services. But Belarusians SEO specialists are peculiar. They use the knowledge for expose Belarusian television and Mr. Lukashenko.

Some days ago the top result for phrase "лож" (lie) in Yandex.ru search engine were:
1. www.ont.by. Belarusian national television
2. www.tvr.by Belarusian National Broadcasting Company

If you try to find the phrase "hellish Satan" the top result will be....The Official website of Lukashenko!

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Mr. Zimovski (Chief of odious Belarusian TV ) and Mr. Proleskovsky (Chief ideologist of President's administration) couldn't fly to Cuba

The flight of an official Belarusian delegation was delayed due to Ireland and Canada didn't allow to fill up the airplane because two persons of the delegation was added to the Blacklist. The flight was happen after decision of Mr. Zimovski (Chief of odious Belarusian TV) and Mr. Proleskovsky (Chief ideologist of President's administration) to stay at home. How humiliating for them...

Meantime, one delegate, Anatoly Lakesnikau, died during this visit. He fell down from a balcony. Official medias don't inform about this accident because Anatoly Lakesnikau was an officer of Belarusian arms company "BelSpecVneshTekhnika". I think, Belarusian delegation discussed the delivery of Russian arms to Cuba.

Belarus had a big amount of arms after the collapse of the USSR. Lukashenko begun to sell this arms but Belarusian economy haven't any benefits. All money was collected in personal bank accounts of Lukashenko.

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