Saturday, September 16, 2006

Belarusian KGB as successor of East Germany Stasi

Last week “Nasha Niva” – oldest Belarusian newspaper – published an article about Stasi, East Germany's brutish intelligence organisation. Stasi controlled all spheres of everyday life, had army of intelligencers and used advanced psychological techniques. Stasi along with monitoring of society discriminated opposition leaders and made efforts to eliminate self-reliance of dissidents. Oppositional activists expelled from Universities and fired. Even a small dirty trick can brings to diffidence.

After the reading of the article I found a huge amount of such trick in action of Belarusian KGB with ease. For instance, during today competent oppositional concert in Minsk the electricity was switched off by police wretches. This accident got into a bad mood thousand of young people.

Ex-stasi officers can’t take up a posts and have to live with the shame all theirs lifes.
There is no doubt the end of KGB will be the same as Stasi’s one.

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