Monday, December 04, 2006

See how the last European dictator sing songs and have fun


Anonymous Anonymous said...

he sings beautifully

Anonymous Anonymous said...

he sings beautifully

Blogger leanan said...

why you don't write to this blog anymore?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A где остальная часть песни?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lukashenko is not the last dictator in Europe. Azerbaijan has one,try getting rid of Putin if you wanted,Moldova is far from democratic and fair.....On the surface things look well and proper in many European states but scratch the surfaces and you will see election fraud,media obstruction,fake political parties,illigal funding.....the list goes on.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Yahor! I have a favor to ask of you, I hope you can help me. I've been looking for the video of Lukashenko playing the accordion for my project about Belarus. But everything I found was of very poor quality. The one you use here is of much better quality, and I wonder - where did you find it? And if you have it - do you think you share? If yes, please contact me at
Thank you for any help! :-)


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